406 Vaulting

The 406 Vaulting club is for both recreational and competitive vaulters.  A wonderful equine sport that offers a challenging and fun atmosphere to increase skills of coordination, balance, strength and creativity.  No matter what your preferred discipline, horse vaulting is a great tool for cross training. Come joint the club!

  • PeeWee class ages 4-8 years old

    Sandy, our AQHA dun mare is an amazing vaulting horse for beginners. She loves her kids and the takes time out of her busy schedule of trail riding, roping, jumping, 4H, and being a lesson horse to help teach newbies what to do.

  • Red team competitive vaulting barrel practice 

    Regardless of what level of vaulting you do, practice on the barrel is a must.  Safety is extremely important in horse vaulting.  We start everything on the ground and the barrel before moving to the horse.

  • Recreational vaulting classes

    AQHA mare Shadow is happy to carry our recreation class at a walk as they try new moves. She also helps teach compulsory moves at the trot with her slow, even jog.

  • Giving our vaulting horse, Oakley, some love

    Our draft cross (percheron/quarter horse) mare Oakley is our team horse. She has a large, strong neck and shoulders perfect for multiple vaulters on her back.

  • Class warm ups and stretching

    Warm up and stretching are an integral part of our classes and camps. Horse vaulting is a physical sport for both human and horse alike. Proper preparation is key to success and safety.

  • Watch for our vaulting camps and classes

    Spring, summer and fall we have classes and camps for those who want to give vaulting a try. Amidst our PeeWee Classes, Recreational Classes, and our Competitive Classes we can accommodate a wide range of vaulters.

Physical Address

200 US Hwy 89

Vaughn, MT 59487

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